wood pellets by the truckload Frequently Asked Questions – ROM BAU GMBH 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions if you wish to buy wood pellets by the truckload – ROM BAU GMBH The most common inquiries we receive from residential and business customers regarding wood pellets are shown below. If you have any additional queries, please get in touch with ROM BAU GMBH. Please make sure you have read our FAQs before contacting us.

The minimum delivery is 3 tonnes in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. While Scotland and the rest of Europe and North America require a minimum delivery requirement of 4 tonnes, England and Wales also have a minimum delivery requirement of 3 tonnes. These sums could alter as client densities rise and new depots are established; we encourage orders of wood pellets by the truckload.

Through our online shop, which is open around the clock at your convenience, you can buy our wood pellets.

Online retailers provide both bulk and bagged wood pellets for sale (up to 6 pallets of various weights of 10kg bags).

We are the largest of all wood pellets suppliers and manufacturers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The only standard in the UK that provides recognized guaranteed values is ENplus, which is acknowledged as the highest quality wood pellet fuel available anywhere in the world. ROM BAU GMBH came to the realization that what matters is the specification a supplier will guarantee and, more crucially, the content of that promise as other vendors asserted they adhered to certain criteria.

ROM BAU GMBH became accredited in April 2011 and was the first company in the UK and Ireland to conduct research on and undergo an ENplus assessment.

To become certified by ENplus, extensive external auditing is necessary. Samples are continuously taken in compliance with rules, demonstrating that ROM BAU GMBH Premium Wood Pellets consistently meet objectives and adhere to parameters, giving clients long-term peace of mind.

Our sawmills’ virgin wood fiber is used to make our additive-free, carbon-neutral wood pellets. The wood pellets we import are from reliable and well known production companies.

Yes, we do offer BSL Codes and they can be found in your invoice order.

There are three ways to make a complaint: over the phone, in writing, or online using this form. Describe to us, if you can

  • your full name and contact information
  • Describe the complaint in as much detail as you can, including what is wrong and, if relevant, the time and place where it occurred.
  • What specific steps do you want us to take to address the complaint?
wood pellets by the truckload